The network of participating businesses is under construction, so there are no brick-and-mortar businesses where you can spend skinners at this point. However, some Eugenians are early adopters of the skinner, and anyone is free to u​se skinners in private transactions. Here are the serial numbers of skinner banknotes that are officially in circulation, followed by an image of the bank statement showing that backing funds are on deposit at Pacific Continental Bank.

Pride of place

Banknotes of the Eugene skinner are intended to be beautiful reminders of the quirky community that we want our spending to support.

Local currency


Local currencies help to keep local dollars circulating in our community instead of leaving Eugene for the benefit of large national or international companies. Maybe.         


Skinners in circulation

Sk2 A0000601 to A0000622

Sk2 A0000625 to A0000626

Sk2 A0000645

Sk3 A0000601 to A0000622
Sk3 A0000625 to A0000626

Sk3 A0000645

Total circulation:       Sk125

Backing deposit:       $306​



Follow this link for a list of businesses that accept the Eugene skinner and the exchanges where you can buy skinners.