Bruce Holland Rogers is an award-winning writer of short stories and has lived in Eugene since 1996.

Samples of his short fiction may be found at

In October 2014, Bruce was researching complementary currencies for a book (that he is still working on). He was amazed that efforts to start a complementary currency in Eugene, Oregon, had never been very successful. Eugene is a city with a distinctive identity and a population likely to embrace a campaign to increase local trade.

​Bruce was also a casual collector of banknotes, particularly notes that he found beautiful,  and had just discovered the world of art notes. These are banknotes that do not represent a currency but are made simply for the pleasures of design. Among Bruce's favorite art notes were the Kingdom of Time notes designed by Thomas Stebbins: one second, one minute, and especially one day.

When Bruce decided that he just might be crazy enough to launch a complementary currency for Eugene, he had a favorite artist in mind.

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For the Eugene skinner notes I wanted to create something as far removed from the look of US dollar bills as possible. At Bruce's suggestion, the color palette was inspired by tie-dye, so there's no mistaking the skinner for a dollar even at a distance. In the hand, skinners are distinctive by feel, too, owing to the polymer substrate that they are printed in. Additionally a clear strip running vertically in the center of the note adds both security and a surprising design element that is only possible with polymer.


Thomas Stebbins

Words from the designer